Hello guys,

want to change my bridge gibson Humbucker, got a 1985 dimarzio SD ...
silver (bare)

which colors 'r solded togehter, wich color(s) go to ground
which color goes to the pot?

for full humbucker connection? full Hb sound?

thx for answering!!!!!


and one further q:
there are to little holes on one side of the hum
and one little hole on the other .... the two holes are in positon by(under) the E and A string?

oder revert?

a picture is available!
The DiMarzio website has wiring diagrams for its pickups

Try this one for the SD's


The end holes I believe are tooling holes used as part of the machine manufacturing of the bobbins and windings
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thank you so much, I try the website....give ya feedback after changing, if its works.... andy