Hey y'all,

In order to become a better guitarist, my teacher advised me to buy a loop pedal, to improvise over chords and such.
I know about the Boss RC2 which is around 100/150 usd.

But it looks complicated to use... ?

Is there anything better out there for max 100/150 ?


PS: I play an Epiphone Riviera P94 on a VOX AC4TV with a jekyll&hyde overdrive pedal, if that's any help.
If the RC2 is complicated to use, then looping isn't for you.

Alternatively you could get a TC Electronics Ditto.
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I have the Ditto. I never used a looper before, and it just worked perfectly right off the bat.
i bought a ditto for that reason alone. and it does very well.

for a gig worthy unit will require practice but doable. if your really goning to rely on long loops or multiple loops for live music, the ditto is not gonna handle that.

to play down a simple little ditty for a short solo your golden......for bedroom riffage it is heavenly.
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For $75 you can get a clearance Zoom Michael Amott multifx that includes a looper. They’re normally $249, but apparently nobody wants sig multifx.
Here’s the $75 Amott:

If you want to order from Amazon the Dave Mustaine version is $100: