I want to build a guitar.

This guitar would have a :
-62 jaguar neck
-jazzcaster body ([forbidden link])
-Lace senor chrome dome in the neck
-dimarzio super dis. T-style bridge

it would look like this:
[forbidden link]
(without a bigsby.)

Now my questions:
How do i deal with the difference in the scale ?
The jag neck is a 24 inch , and this guitar needs a 25.5 inch neck to function correctly.

I think a bigsby is the solution. But which kind of bigsby ?
Than also which kind of bridge cut do i need to select on warmoth?
And what kind of bridge do i need to buy then?

Can somebody help me ,please ?

Greetz Belguim
You will need to reposition the bridge

Tell warmoth what scale you need it to be and you should be fine
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You will have to have the guitar body for 24inch scale, you don't really have any options if you want to use that neck.
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