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I have a serious problem. I've recently bought a 3-year old Peavey 6505+ 112 combo. The tubes haven't been changed during all those years with previous owner. He gigged and practiced a lot with that amp.

I have this amp for a few months. I mainly play in a bedroom, for practice, but sometimes I take it out for a gig or two, for not very loud or heavy playing.

My friend came by yesterday, to take this amp outside and test it at high volumes. So, we pumped it up with my Bad Monkey for boost, used my Ibanez RG350ex guitar (with stock pu-s) and started playing. At low volumes, the sound is okay, the heavy distortion is clear. For volumes past 3,5 things get worse. It gets muddy as hell, the notes in the power chords don't saturate, it sounds like a real mess. The solos, pinch harmonics sound great, though. I've played with EQ's, but it doesn't help much.

When I was buying this amp, I wanted a real metal machine, with Megadeth or Amon Amarth type of distortion. But I got a loud and heavy piece of mud.

How can I solve these problems? Should I invest in new tubes and buy a Celestion V30 speaker, to tighten up the sound? Or should I just sell this thing and get a Laney VC15 and a good metal distortion pedal, and mic it up during gigs?

Please, help me. I'm on a tight budget and I want to have a great sounding guitar rig.

P.S. The stock tubes are:
Power amp - two Ruby tubes;
Preamp - 5 unknown brand 12ax7's.
All chinese.

I'd buy two TAD 6L6GC's and 5 JJ 12ax7's.

Sorry for my bad english.

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How high do you have the gain set on the amp?

Forgot to mention: the gain is 2-3.5, not more.
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How high do you have the gain set on the amp?
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I don't thinkTAD makes tubes...

Just get a set of JJs.

Soundalike the powertubes are wor out.
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Not only are your tubes worn out -- they were CRAP to begin with. Replace them ALL with JJs and you'll be blown away (maybe even literally blown away, hehe..). That amp is loud enough to render a drummer impotent on 4 -- when operating correctly.

Just get 5 JJ 12AX7s and 2 JJ 6L6s. That amp is what you need for Amon Amarth -- because it's what they use. The speaker can make a difference too, but I'd get all new tubes first.
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JJ's, V30 speaker. Do it.

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My most important (to me) piece of gear for getting a good tone that I like out of my 6505+ is my EQ pedal. But I do have JJ tubes, so if your tubes are bad then you should get those taken care of first.

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No.1 - replace Phase inverter if a 12ax7 replace with a sovtek 12ax7lps balanced triodes.
2nd if its still muddy a tungsol 12ax7 in v1 and possibly power tubes are over-due for replacement imop.
I had flubby bass at volume so i tried a electro-harmonix 12at7 type and it really tightened up the bass and it became more articulate with distortion going strong.

All the preamp gain hitting the PI tube must have it close to failure by now !
The Electro-harmonix 12at7 for PI was tested against all NOS and new brands and hands down amazed the Andrews Amp lab guys, so ive not put a sovtek long plate back in as yet because my rebel 30 is great in both channels now !

Need to tighten up a bottom loose amp this can be good.
I still like keeping the sovtek 12ax7lps close by for a optional PI.
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