I play electric and have a whole bunch of strings. Recently picked up an acoustic, can I just chuck on a set of electric strings?
Technically, yes you can put them on there. It won't sound good though.
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Acoustic guitars generally use much higher gauge strings, and dont need to be magnetic, so can use different materials than typical electric strings. So yes, they may fit, but it won't resonated as well with less tension, and with generally sound kind of dead in comparison.
you can but theres no guarantee they wil sound good

thyell work in a pinch though theres currently an electric B string on my acousit serving th erole of an acoustic high e string(they are the same gauge) becasue i broke the high e at a gig last night and no one was th ewiser

for themost part the unwound strings will work just fine
just make sure you get the correct gauge for th eone youre using
I've only recently started playing acoustic & I really would recommend the Elixir extra long life strings. They stay bright sounding for ages.
acoustic strings generally have different materials, and for the most part are thicker. i would say most acoustic tone freaks use thicker strings because they produce a fuller sound naturally...unamplified.

but yeah of the same guage they will work but sound different.

nothing thins out an already crappy acoustic like light guage strings.
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