hey guys,

im LITTLEBLUEWOLF and i am an acoustic indie singer songwriter.

"The best way possible to describe the sound of LITTLEBLUEWOLF is as if Ellie Goulding and Ben Howard had a baby and abandoned her at birth. The baby was left to die deep in the forest, when along came a pack of wolves who took her in as their own. From this moment on, she was raised by the wolves that found her and they helped her blossom from a baby into a young adult.

She acquired her first guitar at christmas when she was just 6 years old and tried to learn to play it but didn’t have the patience as she was more interested in barbies and finger painting. She was interested in ‘singing’ and ‘playing the keyboard’ at her grandma’s house since she was a little toddler, and used to ‘perform’ to the family after lunch (and during when she was feeling rebellious). She carried on doing this through primary school and secondary school, and got her first hand me down keyboard when she was 5. Her first song (that she can remember) was written on a family holiday in Portugal when she was 5 or 6 at the beach. The song was about a walrus in a rock pool, fellow children and dogs at the beach. As you can tell, she has a bit of an active imagination as walruses don’t live in rock pools. She also wrote a song book with her cousin when she was 8 that included songs with titles such as ‘Till the Day that We Meet’, ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Tobacco’.

Now she is all grown up (to an extent, her mind still runs away with the fairies), she has played a handful of solo gigs in the Bath area, and many with her old band Ebonysky in areas such as Southampton, Bristol and Guilford to crowds of 2 people; and is currently in the process of recording her debut EP. She likes to think she is an unusual individual."

really hope you check me out!

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for some reason the links aren't working so...

if you type in this on each website to find me..

littlebluewolf (on Facebook)

peachipotter (on youtube)

ebonysky (on soundcloud) if you type in sound cloud ebonysky what will happen next, it will come up with my newest song
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ALSO last but not least, i have these gig dates coming up:

FRIDAY 24TH MAY 2013 - The Pig and Fiddle


These venues are both in Bath UK, so if you are local (i.e Bristol or Bath), it would be very appreciated if you came to watch