I've noticed that many tabs put in the tab queue don't get voted on, and get rejected because of it. I have thought of a more efficient tab queue option that prevents this from happening. I say that there should be a "top 200 tab" system where the 200 tabs that have been in queue the longest are the only tabs that can be voted on. Recently submitted tabs would wait until in the top 200 tabs. It would be a longer process but it would cut the number of tabs being rejected for no reason by a lot. If at the update point in time, a tab in the top 200 doesn't have votes, it stays. This is just a suggestion and if there are any developers of UG around wanting to chat some more about it, I would be happy to discuss with you. Thanks for reading, looking forward to reading replies!
Eh, maybe you could select that as a user for an option, but I think that maybe if you could also sort the queue by votes that would help.
I don't like the idea in the OP. Why should we be forced to vote on tabs for songs we don't care about? When I go in the tab queue, I click on my favorites filter first. Then if I feel like browsing a little, I'll take the filter off and MAYBE find a tab for a song that I know enough about to vote on. Not to mention how insanely backed up the queue would get. It's not a great system we have, but I just don't see a way to make it better with the amount of tabs being submitted on a daily basis.

I'd rather UG work on letting the tabbers know why their tab was rejected. We're forced to give a reason why we're voting to reject, seems like the tabber should actually get to see that exact reason why.

And I know there's a "WTF where's my tab" thread, but anyone that knows the basic reasons for rejections, and a decent tabbing prowess, could just use that thread to circumvent the tab submissions queue's often lengthy process. It seems with the amount of tabs I've had rejected by UG's flawed system, I should just go straight to the WTF thread and save myself the inexplicable rejections, as emad just approves them all anyways.