I went into a pawn shop near where I live a few days ago, and they have a Fender DeVille, not sure what year as there wasn't a plate on the back, they said it got ripped off by somebody while it was in there as they don't take anything without the serial number and everything..I call BS. So it will probably be pretty hard to date it, although it looks pretty old (The plate on the front just says "Fender DeVille" no "Hot Rod", if that means anything). They are asking around 575-600, I tried it out, tubes are in working order, no noise in the pots, everything works fine. I was wondering what I should try to talk them down to, as they do mark everything up a bit, they had a beat up epi les paul, maybe worth 300 new with a gig bag tagged at 800. I know this price isn't as far fetched but I know little about this amp and what resale is worth, especially not knowing what year it is.
Also, how much of a difference is there between the older DeVille and the DeVille III's drive channel?