I like the drum beat. The guitars are good. Vocal melody is rather good, though I have mixed feelings on the vocal style: it's good you're singing with emotion, and I can tell you're trying to put some grit in the vocals (yes, they are gritty). The vocals are still good overall. It like the (fuzz?) guitar lead. Audio quality is good. Good song with some naughty lyrics. Please review my music at this link:

I havent heard anything like this...the vocal style seems very familiar like some off artist my mom likes a lot. He's pretty big, maybe you were inspired by him? Not sure. Anyway its not really a style I like or listen to but at least it's done well. If theres one thing I really do love about this song its that awesome fuzzy solo in there. I love fuzzy tones and it sounds good in your solo which is clearly more melodic than it is driving and I guess the acoustic part is there for that reason. Also your quality is pretty awesome, keep it up. And yeah I wanna ****ing play. Haha great ending btw!

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Was half expecting a Kanye West influence type thing based on the name of the song. Vocal style isn't really my thing, just sounds overly nasiley. Audio quality is pretty nice, sounds pretty pro. The fuzz lead thing was pretty cool, maybe introduce something like that a bit earlier on or add some type of variation cause it feels like the first two minutes of the song is too repetitive or same-y. But yeah, I loved that tone you got. Think it would have been a pretty cool ending if you dropped the instruments at your last vocal line and have it end that way. Still nice though.

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I thought it was an interesting arrangement. Usually, when I hear vocalists in your style, it's usually with distorted guitars, so I thought this was pretty cool!!
I thought your voice was pretty unique and also compelling.
To me, the fuzzy guitar tone in the solo fit the mood of the song really well!
The mix sounds pretty balanced to me, although I'm listening on tiny PC speakers though.
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