i have a gibson sg junior, and the pickup is quite noisy, i guess thats just how it works with a P90, so i was looking to swap it out. i was looking at the antiquity because i believe billie joe uses that in some of his guitars. how will that do in my SG? i play through a Peavey windsor, but will soon be using a marshall JCM 800. How will all this sound. we play stuff that sounds very similar to green day and sum 41.
i'm guessing you know this already, but only really newer green day is a p90... most older green day (and most pop punk) is a humbucker.

never tried an antiquity, they have a good rep, though. I can't imagine it'll sound bad, just whether it suits what you're playing is the thing. if billie joe uses it i'm guessing it'll work for newer green day, it's the older green day and other pop punk which are the thing...
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I'd go with a HB over a P-90.
I like old Sum 41, they deff had some good tunes
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