I have my Mock up for sale on a classifieds site, and a guy has offered his Japanese made Ibanez 540R in exchange for it. I know that the Mock Special is valued at about $500-700, but haven't been able to find a value for the 540R. Does anybody think this would be a fair trade? I like Japanese Ibanez's, and have been interested in trying a tremolo, and the original Edge it has seems good according to what I've read.

Here's a picture of it.

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While I wasn't able to find that exact finish, I found them on eBay that have sold anywhere for $300 up to $700. (most common price was about $450) If you're looking at it from an investment standpoint, it seems like a fair trade to me given what you said you paid for your current guitar.
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mockingbird special x?

if so... i haven't tried that one (nor that exact ibanez, but i've tried a fair few MIJ ibanezes), but i'm guessing the ibanez is probably the better guitar. What the things are worth is a whole other thing, though (I have no idea about that), and obviously you need to check the ibanez is legit, in good condition, etc. etc.
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An old school 80's Ibanez in good shape? I'd say around $600+.

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