So what's up with random words on Ultimate-Guitar being underlined and hyperlinked.
Is it a mozilla thing? And why is it mainly this site?
Never noticed it.

You clicked a "mAkeee yrr penis lARGERRR!!!11 n0w" link, didn't you?

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What the hell are you on about?
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That happens when third party apps sneak into downloads. Some kind of plug in has installed itself into your browser and causing that so check out your plug in page and delete any that look suspicious / you didnt intend on putting there. Then all the annoying little hyperlinks will go away and you'll live happily ever after.
jmako is right. You've probably got some kind of adware putting links to ads all over the pages you visit.
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I had this, if you hover over the ads, somewhere, there'll be a link to the site that put the ad on your computer in the first place. In my case it was Dropdowncoupons or something like that.

Just google the name you find and "remove" and you should find the details for it.
You probably have one of those spam ad-ons installed on your browser. If it's just one word and you see advertisment when you scroll over it, it's definitely that. Just look around for it in the ad-ons section and get rid of it. Or just completely uninstall your browser and reinstall it again.

In exchange for this useful information, I shall laugh at you for your failure at identifying spammy advertisment.


Edit: Oh, it's already been stated. Well, I'm going to laugh at you anyways.

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I honestly have no idea what you're on about TS
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Could you possibly have one of those addons that makes it easier for you to do a some kind of a search? There are some that are genuine tools, not adware, but I can't remember what they're called and what is the point of them.
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