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UPDATE: Removing and reinserting the tubes seemed to solve the problem last night. What I'm really curious about now is this weird buffer in between the left tube and the amp itself (See picture)!

I come two you with one, possibly two problems with my 6505+. I bought the amp brand new in 2009, blew a power tube and within about a month of replacing the power tubes stopped having to use the amp. Instead of selling it, I held onto the amp and periodically tested it to make sure everything was in working order.

Fast forward to now: Over the past month I have been using the amp regularly, transporting it to and from band practice and even giving it a bit of light home use, nothing to strenuous really. Tonight at practice, the amp suffered a very strange loss in volume similar to a cable going bad so I did the logical thing, unplugged everything and ran straight from guitar to amp with a single lead. The problem was still there so I swapped cables and tried out my bandmate's guitar just to make sure it wasn't any more of my gear and the issue was still there.

It was at this point my bandmate pointed out that one of my power tubes is actually raised on some kind of buffer. I thought that power tubes should be level in the amp but when I got it re-tubed I didn't know much in the way of tube amps and it worked fine so I never questioned it. See attached picture. (Note: there seems to be a small gap between the buffer and the tube itself, I have since fixed this).

I have since come home, removed and reinserted my power tubes and everything seems to be working again. Who knows, maybe moving it about more than it's ever been used to just loosened the tubes a bit, but I'm still curious to find out about this little buffer.

Sorry for the insane wall of text but it's possible the back story might help in working out what might have caused the loss in volume and what the buffer contraption is! Thanks in advance!
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It sounds like one of the sockets was dirty and reinserting the tubes helped you get a good connection again. Put some contact cleaner on the pins of the tubes when you put them back in and you should be set.

I would take that extension thing out if I were you. I don't see any reason to have it there. It's just another place for contacts to get dirty.

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Cheers for the quick reply!

I figured it might be something along those lines, my house is ridiculously dusty after all. Reckon I'll need to do anything if I take that buffer out? I can't see a reason for it either but I'm curious!
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Woo, super helpful response.

Seriously though, does anybody have any suggestions before I go tinkering further? Much appreciated!
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Volume loss sounds like pre-amp tubes.

Grab some contact cleaner, spray it on the pins and repeatedly pull them in and out. Both pre-amp and power-amp tubes. Will clean the sockets out a lot.
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Removing and reinserting the power tubes seemed to solve the problem last night, putting it down to movement shaking it loose really. What I'm curious about now is the weird buffer on the left power tube in the photo I posted! Seems pretty strange but I don't want to remove it incase something happens and it's actually there for a reason?
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