Ok, so I want to make a pocket amp circuit for an onboard amp. And I know there are some kits available but I have a little bit of a curveball that makes me wonder what I need to get or what I need to change to make it work. The curveball being that I want to change out the speaker in the pocket amp for a tactile transducer I have.

SO!.. Could I get a kit/parts to make something like this:

BUT.. Change out the speaker for this:

I feel like the answer would be no due to the output or power supply but I dont really know. If this wouldnt work, what would I need to change to make it work. I like that particular size and output of transducer/exciter but I want a small amp circuit that could run it. Any advice or thoughts are appreciated!
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So long as the amp outputs less than 30 watts and it takes 8 ohms impedance it actually can work.
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like viban said, it should work. but from the videos I saw about exciter and the description on the page you linked, I believe they arent portable. they are meant to be solidly attached to a surface hence why they come with adhesive already applied(remove the stickers and stick the thing on a surface).

I think you can make it work as a portable amp speaker, but youd have to find a way to prevent any vibrations from making the transducer itself vibrate. this includes the vibrations caused by the device itself. if the transducer is vibrating, it will be jumping around and moving slightly causing the sound to go on and off annoyingly fast or get whatever sound you get with the exciter jumping on and off the surface.
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