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As the title says. I'd probably be very thrilled at some of the stuff I'm listening now, such as very melodic stuff by Sithu Aye, Angel Vivaldi and Haunted Shores and Scale the Summit, but others (like progressive metal and the small amount of techdeath I listen to) may not sit very well with past me. I'd be all, "wtf is this shit?" and "I CAN'T FOLLOW THE BEAT!!!"

I used to be a big fan of anything popular and well-known, not because I like to jump on bandwagons, but because I was afraid of introducing the music to others and it being strange as nobody would have heard of them. I was like an anti-hipster. I wanted to be able to introduce my music to other people and have they say, "Oh, hey, I've heard of this guy before!" instead of "wtf is this shit?" and "I CAN'T FOLLOW THE BEAT!!!"
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Myself four years ago would hate every aspect of me now and would think I've been brainwashed by mainstream radio and the media in general or something.
probably a nice healthy mix of "this is the stupidest thing i've ever heard" and "THAT'S where the 1 is? yeah you can go and **** right off"
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OP pretty much described it well for me


kid me would hate me because I went from bfmv and nirvana to miles davis and nicolai gedda :P
kid me was really into country

depending on the age, he'd either be really disappointed or his mind would be blown
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Kid me would be pleased. That is all.

inb4 Ian comes in and says he used to like Metal and calls Metal/Punk/Rock/etc. immature and informs us all we should just listen to Jazz
"dude you learned ot play gutiar thats soo cool...but you still kinda suck ima start ptracticing more"

younger me would probabaly quite enjoy the music i listne to
He would probably go: "Who are these bands? What happened to my Green Day CDs?"
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Kid me would be surprised that I like music at all.
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kid me would be all like future me has some really ****ing awesome tastes
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On the come up we were listening to Grateful Dead and the music started passing through my bowel and out my arsehole as this violet stream of light. I shat music. It was beautiful.
i was a total metalhead and soft music gave me a headache

past me and current me are not on speaking terms
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You win. I'm done here.
"So basically, you listen to the exact same stuff, but less punk and metal, and more funk and techno?"

"Pretty much."

"I can deal with that."

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Myself four years ago would hate every aspect of me now and would think I've been brainwashed by mainstream radio and the media in general or something.

this is probably the closest thing to what my past self would say to present self.

4-7 years ago, i was all about metal, classic rock, blah blah blah guitar is the greatest. now, i cant stand guitar. its not a very versatile instrument. And I listen to about 95 percent electronic music with the other 5 percent being emo (thus former me would have called myself a "Fag" and words like that)
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kid me was way into this

he would probably dig some of the pop punk i listen to. that stage where i liked metal, probably not.

everything here


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kid me was really into country

depending on the age, he'd either be really disappointed or his mind would be blown

probably disappointed actually, i can't stop listening to the new kanye song
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how young are we talking?

very young kid me would be so proud. older kid me would not be proud but wouldn't hate me either, I guess I'd just be surprised mostly
Quote by whywefight kanye song? really?

i don't understand what this is supposed to be saying

the new song he performed on snl yesterday
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everything here


i don't even know how to interpret this post

i don't know why i feel so dry
Hmm. Good question. I think the kid me would like most of the music I like today overall, but more than likely I probably wouldn't be listening to the other half without originally developing that sort of acquired listening obtained over the years.
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Kid me would say "thats some cool shit man" except for some of the stuff which is pretty out there that makes you feel like you just smoked a bowl, took acid, and are chilling in a field on a summer day and you feel like you are melting and becoming one with the grass. i actually wonder how kid me would react.
The 7 year old me would probably hide in fear. The 14 year old me would probably call me a ****** for listening to rap and bands like Underoath and Circa Survive. The 21 year old me is typing this.
I didn't really ever listen to music until I was about eleven or so. So kid me would probably regard the fact that I listen to music with no small amount of disdain.
Kid me would have probably would have seen it coming a mile away, considering my music tastes haven't really changed too much over the years.
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i don't even know how to interpret this post


exactly what you said


Kid me might not be super into the prog stuff, and think it needs to be heavier. Lower tuning and more screaming
Rojam's new and improved band!!!!

Listen a little bit, we DON'T suck!
Way, way back in the day (when I was like 5) I listened to the Backstreet Boys Limp Bizkit and Spice Girls... But that was the early/mid 90's, and who didn't listen to that crap back then? Once the 90's (and early 2000's as far as Limp Bizkit was concerned) I stopped listening to that crap because that's when I realized it was crap.

Kid me probably wouldn't mind what I listen to now. I grew up listening to glam metal, classic rock, and pop-punk/ska, and that's pretty much what I still listen to now but with more thrash metal and prog thrown in since it has awesome guitar. Not that much difference really now that I think about it.

I'd say the only thing that is really that different now is that I have a much higher tolerance for rap, and actually like some old-school gangsta rap and hip-hop these days. If you would have told me that 10 years ago, I would have told you you were ****in' crazy and that rap sucks ass.... Now not so much.
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This is terrible advice. Even worse than the useless dry, sarcastic comment I made.

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I'm too old for the Jim Morrison look now. When I was gigging I had a fine arse.
My musical tastes, as a kid, were horrifying - a lot of country, actually (and not good country, either - that stuff with awesome instrumentation and meaningful lyrics? Screw that crap, give me Tim McGraw.)

Some of the stuff I listen to now - folk, indie rock and the like - might go over fairly well with kid-me, but some of the stuff on that end of the spectrum (O'death, for example) might make me cringe - who was the idiot who put NiN in my country!?

And then there is my love for drone, industrial, and electronica... Yep, my tastes these days would give kid-me an aneurysm.
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Pop: You're gay.

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