Hey guys! =)
I'm looking for a microphone which I can use for acoustic guitar and cajon.

My budget is max 150 GBP.

I've been looking at these: MXL 990/991 Recording Pack Would they do the job?

First off, do you have an audio interface? If you don't, check our sticky, you're going to need one since you can't use a condenser mic with your stock soundcard.

Personally, I think the MXL 990/991 is a terrible package. They're okay starter mics but there are much better mics out there. With your budget, I'd look at this:

Audio Technica AT2020: www.thomann.de/gb/audio_technica_at2020.htm
T-Bone SC400 Stereo Pair: http://www.thomann.de/gb/the_tbone_sc_140_stereoset_bundle.htm

Its about 10 GBP above your budget but the T-Bone includes 2 XLR cables which you're probably going to need to buy anyways.
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I can't stand the SC400, I have one and it's just lifeless and dull. Aside from this I agree with lockwolf RE stickys, interfaces and XLRs!

I'd say an SM57, and a pair or Behringer C4s for your acoustic. The C4s are really cheap but behringer in pro audio are really good value for money. And if the C4s aren't what you want the 57 is a standard fall back for acoustic as well.
Urgh, I'd never put an SM57 anywhere near an acoustic unless the only other choices were a karaoke mic, a 'record your own greeting' card, and a brick.

Okay...they're not that bad, but I certianly wouldn't go out and buy one for acoustic.

A Behringer B-2 Pro would do nicely, or a pair of C-2s.
ive used an sm57 on an acoustic, and while not great, it was ok for in a mix. not what i would pick if i had an option, but its not the worst thing out there.

as for the 990/991 package, when used in combination it workes suprisingly well on an acoustic. ive heard that the quality control isnt great, because people have had varying results with different sets. when both are used you can get a good sound, but since they arent good separate they are fairly limited.

i think a solid pair of small diaphragm condensors would be my recomendation. get a nice full sound on the acoustic, and should work well on the cajon (though ive never recorded one of those). if you dont have 2 inputs on your interface though, i would go with a large diaphragm condensor. i find that a single SDC on an acoustic just doesnt sound full enough. im terrible with UK prices, so im not exactly sure what i would recomend, though quick reading of reviews of those T-bone sc140 mics makes them sound like a solid choice for cheap.
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