Ok so the title pretty much sums my question. I'm about to play in a new band and they happen to play in C standard. I've played in drop C for a lot of years now and I've always had problems with that low C string so I see this standard tuning as an opportunity to get my bass set up done perfectly.

What string gauge should I pick to play C standard? 110? 120? 130? Should I get a regular 5 string set and use the thicker strings or will that be too tight? Help me pls, I want my bass to play as good as possible
Well; assuming that you are playing a four-string bass, dropping the whole thing down to "C" is going to cause you problems. That is a lot of tension to take off of the strings; particularly for a bass. You will probably notice that your bass is not nearly as loud as before, because the strings aren't vibrating as much as they used to. You will probably lose a fair amount of sustain. Your best bet would be to get yourself a set of medium to heavy five-string bass strings and use the heaviest ones on your four-string. But with such fat strings, you might have problems with the slots in the string nut not being wide enough. If so, you'll have to have them re-cut. You'll also have to adjust the bridge saddles for intonation, and you'll probably have to adjust the truss rod a bit. But it can be done.
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I use a 115 set or roundwounds in C# currently (34" scale) and I have no problem playing in drop B with them either.

These will work fine in C too, but if you like your strings tighter, you can get light 5 string sets with a low .125 or so, that might be what you're looking at. But, yeah, you're going to need a decent set-up afterwards.
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