What is the deal with ESP discontinuing the decent finishes of their guitars?

I remember looking at the Horizon NT-II, Ltd MH-1000 and a few others and seeing a range of different finishes available. Now for some reason they only make the MH-1000 NT in blue. Who wants blue?!

Is it likely that they will update this and sell it in different colours?

I really want a black or dark sunburst MH-1000 NT but they just don't seem to exist anymore! (I actually want a horizon NT-II but simply don't have the money)

I couldn't bring myself to own a blue guitar, it just doesn't sit right with me. So am I going to have to give up on hoping for colour changes from ESP?
They discontinued the best looking LTDs with the proper inline 6 head stock. The green was to die for.

Though you can get them 2nd hand pretty easily and for not a lot of money. How much have you got to spend? You could even find the real ESP for less than you expect.

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I couldn't have the green either, I don't know why, but they are just not guitar colours to me.

I have up to £7-800 to spend but it would have to be black, dark brown sunburst, or possibly white, either an Ltd MH-1000 NT or Horizon NT-II or M-II if they made a fixed bridge? I would want the inline six anyway.

Im probably being a bit picky but I don't want to buy something I wouldn't feel 100% happy about. I know it would play the same but the colour has to be right
ESP are weird with their colours. There used to be a lot of options that weren't listed on the website that you could order through your music store. Just ask around and see if there's older stock maybe?

I know last year with the EC-1000 you could order it in silver, gold, black, purple, green, blue, red and heaps more.