Hey UG, bit of an odd request here.

Here's some background info first. I put it in a spoiler so all you lazy people can just skip to the end if you want.

I'm enrolled in a pre-engineering course at my high school. For our senior year, we are set with the task of designing and creating a product to solve a problem. My partner and I decided to make a product which could physically tune/restring a guitar for you. The idea behind it was to make it easier for people who run a tune-up shop or similar and have to restring many guitars in a row.

Now I know there are already products and patents out there, but ours is different in one significant way: it goes on the back of an iPhone case. It uses the iPhone to hear and analyze the note and then sends a signal to a micro-controller which then turns the motor.

We don't have a prototype working yet, but I'll post a video when we have it working if anyone is interested. It'll probably be within the next two weeks or so.

Okay, finally my request. Our teacher requires we survey people in order to determine if our product has a market. However, we completely forgot about this until now, and our final presentation is May 30th.

This is a link to a FOUR question survey. It uses Google Docs, not those annoying survey monkey things.

Survey Link

All 4 of the questions are multiple choice. It will probably take a maximum of 60 seconds to do.

Please take one minute out of your day to help us out. You probably have a spare minute if you're on the internet anyways, and you'll have my eternal gratefulness. (I'd offer cash, but I don't have that kind of money )
Done. I don't mind tuning, but I always leave strings on for far too long because I can't be arsed to change them!

Edit: Also you'll need to do an Android version for people with good phones.
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tbh, it sounds like a really awesome product
just make it compatible with Android
Hey thank you so much to all the people who helped out! You all already made a huge difference.

So about half an hour ago we got it to work! Mind you, we only tried it on the G-string and I'm all but certain most of the other strings do not work. The problem has to do with harmonics, and the fact that in a sound wave a harmonic which is not the fundamental may be more prevalent than the fundamental itself.

Long story short, the application requires tweaking to make it more suited for instrument application. Unfortunately I just don't have the mathematical understanding/computer science knowledge/time/desire to window the FFT.

Maybe when I have a few years of college under my belt I'll come back to it.

In the meantime, here's a video of it working for anyone interested!
I actually rather like tuning and restringing, usually its when I show my guitars some love as far as maintenance goes.
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Nice to see Technical Lego being put to good use.

I have to say that your description is very misleading and I'm disappointed that it's not some magical, restringing robot creation. What you have there is just an automatic tuner, there's no restringing going on.

What you do have is pretty good though. Well done.
Yeah, we haven't managed to do the restringing mode yet. We wanted to get the tuning part done before our presentation in one week. However, implementing the restringing is very simple from here.
We won't be able to work any further on it for at least one week, probably two. But we are going to keep working on it, or at least I will.
Personally I want to get the size of the circuit down. Right now its all spread out so it can be easily troubleshooted, but its such a simple circuit it would be easy to make it small enough to fit on the back of an iPhone, with room for the battery and the motor.

Its state right now is just to prove it CAN be done