Does anyone here have any experience with defiling a bow by using it on a guitar? I've been experimenting a bit, and I'm curious what kind of effects or techniques others use to create nice sounds.
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Yep. First, if you can raise the saddles of your strings individually, do that for the middle strings, it will help you reach them if the bridge is curved. Use plenty of rosin, it can be difficult to get a grip on metal strings. A wound G would be good. Tune the guitar to an open chord and bow away, tons of delay and reverb work well. I tried with a slide but didn't get far, ymmv. I varied from bowing right next to the bridge to above the 12th fret. Its sometimes easier to begin a stroke in one spot but sustain it somewhere else. A real long guitar strap worked for me. Check out Sigur Ros live videos if you haven't already.