Well, what I thought was a Custom Custom turned out to be a JB. So now I have a nickel covered, 4-conductor 59 neck and JB bridge set up for trade. I'm looking for something more suited for Hard Rock / Metal. The JB is good, but a little too bright for my taste I would say. I'm open to trading for a nickel covered, 4-conductor bridge, or trading the entire set for a 4-conductor, nickel covered set or 4-conductor zebra set.

Sets that I'm interested in:

Seymour Duncan Sets:

Distortion Mayhem

Seymour Duncan Bridge Only:

SH-6 Distortion

SH-14 Custom 5

SH-10 Full Shred

SH-13 Dimebucker

SH-5 Custom

SH-8 Invader

Dimarzio Sets:

D-Activator set

John Petrucci set

Air Norton / Air Zone

Dimarzio Bridge Only:

Super Distorion

Air Zone

D Activator

Crunch Lab

Tone Zone

Bascially, I'm open to anything. Just let me know what ya have.