So I know it's normal for the sound to drop when splitting coils but is there any way to reduce or eliminate the sound drop? i lose like 1/3 of the sound when splitting the coil which is no problem when i'm playing my amp at a loud volume because i can still hear the sound very easily and loudly... but sometimes like right now i want to practice but my parents are sleeping in the next room and the only way to practice is by playing at a low volume which is fine when im using the humbucker but when i split the coil i can't really hear it that well as i'd like to because of the low volume that the amp is already at
i can hear the sound a bit but the part that annoys me is hearing the sound of the strings which is what happening since i'm using the split coil position for clean playing so when ever i start playing on the split coil i can hear the strings playing and i can't differentiate between the amp and the strings which for some reason really annoys the hell out of me ... i just don't like hearing the strings!!!!

That could a been a lot shorter. I found if your amp has a mid boost, that works great. Or an eq pedal if you have one.
eq pedal
some sort f boost
compressor pedal
raise the volume on the amp when you switch to single coils

set the volume on the amp to sound the way you want it which the split and lower the guitar volume on the bucker
if you use coil split only on the cleans, and no humbucker on clean, set the clean channels volume a bit higher. Or if the splitting is done with a push/pull pot, change the output volume from the guitar in the same motion that you split.
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