I don't know if "forever" has gone, probably not. But I'd like my tab accepted and it'd be v-v-v-ery nice if someone could take a look at it and make a vote. It's "Young and beautiful" by Lana Del ray.

Seriously, I hate when people are in such a hurry and now I'm one of them, but.... Only for once, please!

Mahaha, evil greetings Linus.
Worng thread. Keep it in this thread next time.

Also, voting to approve would make no difference in the matter. The tab moderators are the one who get it through.
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You lost me at "Lubricate."

I'm raw, like nature. Nature boy. Big jungle leaves are my cum rags.

Sometimes I fuck a bamboo shoot.

There's nothing left here to be saved
Just barreling dogs and barking trains
Another year lost to the blue line
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