This is my first shot ever at creating a solo, so dont go too crazy on me, because it needs alot of work, also the program that I am using, acid pro, when you mix tracks its always slightly off time, which means I have to play the notes in the solo a second exactly before im supposed to which makes things difficult.

Anyway, as poorly as this is, I hope you guys somewhat enjoy..
You could use click track for recording and then mix the recordings in sound-editing programs (Audacity, Cubase, any DAW).

About the song - I didn't like the solo in the beginning, it's kinda... Sloppy.
Riffing is kinda cool, but nothing special.
Solo sounds cool, it's simple and nice, just the way I like it.
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Well, I really like the solo, and the tone that you use for the solo. what are your eq settings for that?
You've got to get that timing problem sorted - you can't play properly a second ahead. That would drive me nuts. In fact it did when I used to use an interface!

Your song is hard to judge without drums, bass, and vocals. Riffs sound reasonably good. Second solo might sound good with a fair amount of reverb.
Yeah. Drums are definitely the next step for you. Your riffs all seem good but we really need some drums and perhaps vox and bass to really know what you're going for here.

I really like the arpeggiated chords at around the three-minute mark. Good start yo. If you can add stuff to this it will do you a world of good.

Here's my track, too. Check it out.
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