hey all been a long time since ive been here. school is pretty hectic. with my new found free time, ive been playing more music and looking for more sounds and trying to make progress on my rig/rigs.

i have a carvin v3m. im in love with it. the other guitarist in my band liked it so much be bought the full size v3 and together they are great. im building two rigs, which will be part of the same pedalboard, the only thing that will be different is that i plan to organize it so that i can quickly switch a few cables around so i can go from effects loop rig when i have my amp, to complete pedal rig when i am at home and im just on my single channel jca2112rc(or any other amp for that matter).

for this i want a distortion pedal that will be as close as possible to the v3/v3m distortion. ive been eyeing up the amptweaker tightrock, for its apparent great tone and features, and ive had the blackstar tube pedals in the back of my head as well. any of you who have expereience with these pedals think it would match up to my wants? suggestions on other pedals that would work and/or be more cost effective?

also ive really been getting into Dark Castle lately and i want a fuzz that can get me into that territory. for those unfamiliar heres a link


thanks guys!
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Pretty sure that really heavy sound from Dark Castle is just them cranking their Sunn amps. You can mimic that tone with a Big Muff or Big Muff clone pretty well.
oh i got it. you will buy this. im telling you that you will buy this.

blakemore effects dues ex machina


fuzzy but you can hear the heaviness of it
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Never played a Blakemore, never even seen it, but that video has me sold on the fuzz
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