I have been playing guitar for two years and have decided to get an upgrade guitar. I play mostly rock and metal, but do play some lighter stuff too. I use a Boss MT-2 and a Peavy Studio Pro 112. Humbuckers sound sweet thourgh my setup so I would like a set of those. I would like to pay max $350 for a used model, $200 would be awesome. It need not have tremolo, but it would be nice.

Feel free to ask questions/spesifics as I've never posted a thread like this.

Do you know what sort of guitar shapes/models/brands you like? It's probably worth you going to a music store and trying out all their shapes and find what's comfortable.
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I like the basic strat shape body, as im used to it. My music store has an ibanez, but i havent tried it out yet. I've heard those are good and i really want to try one. I'll try to go to the musci store sometime soon and try it out and some others as well.
Get there & play everything - not just the Ibanez, you might find you prefer something completely different.
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