I'm on a pretty tight budget and i've heard alot of people saying they're easy pedals to mod, so i figured i might be up for the challenge.

What sort of mods could I do to the GCB-95 crybaby to just improve it, maybe thicken the sound, make it warmer, throatier low end?

Also, i've never done anything like this before, but i've done basic soldering components onto simple circuit boards before.

How hard would the mods be?

Are they worth the risk of voiding the warranty?
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I performed a true bypass and installed an on / off LED mod on my GCB 95 just last weekend.

The LED is a bit of fluff, but looks good.

The true bypass AFAIC is a must have mod. The Cry Baby is a real tone sucker with its active bypass. The difference is very audible.

Both mods are easily found by internet search, including good 'how to' guides on you tube
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I changed the "gain" and "mid/Q" resistor as well as the resistor parallel to the inductor. It helps to install trimpots instead of resistors. I do not know the values the trimpots are set at as I did not measure them, I simply adjusted them to my liking. The pedal is now smooth and creamy with a less sharp peak, and just the right amount of "quack." http://stinkfoot.se/archives/557