Nice job. I did catch a couple of off notes, but you did a fairly decent job otherwise.
My only complaint was that the bend at 0.18 was a little off... besides that it was played very well! Your tone was spot on and your bends were great, plus you didn't overdo the vibrato. A few slides here and there could make some transitions a little more interesting but your played was very good. The improv was a nice touch too man. Good stuff!

You should have changed the camera angel though, would have been nice to see your hands working a little clearer.

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Thanks a lot guys
Yeah I noticed this note but I was really lazy to redo all of this again

Dagget I will check ur vid in minutes
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Cheers \m/ \m/
Your tone is really good. Right amount of 'verb and delay. Playing was pretty good and it's never easy taking on the classics because people will deconstruct the solo and crib abt even the lil things. Anyways good job bruv