I'm quite intrigued about the new EVH Striped series guitars that are coming out soon. THey seem a little steep for a guitar not made in the USA but they look pretty cool. How does the 1 pickup work? I'm assuming you can still do various styles? WOuld it make a good shred machine? I've also been looking at an Ibanez Rg1XXV, which would people rather have?
Doing various styles doesn't depend only on pickups. If you have a good amp and maybe some pedals you'll surely be able to get good sounds from it. It could be good for shredding, but it doesn't have 24 frets, it has only 22. Someone will like that, someone won't. Ibanez you've mentioned doesn't look pretty to me, but that's just my opinion. I would rather get Ibanez because it has 24 frets, more pickups than EVH, and also it has Edge Zero II floyd which is very good. I also like Ibanez necks. But that's just my preferences. You should try both and decide.
I wish I could try both. The EVH isn't out yet and it's tough to find the Ibanez around as it's last years model.