Hey guys,

Im learning how to re-paint guitars, and I recently finished my first attempt. It was done for my sister, who donated me the guitar, and she is very pleased with the results, despite a few obvious beginner flaws. However, the main issue with the guitar I have is the finish.

After painting the guitar, I applied roughly 7 coats of Sikkens Wood Varnish to the guitar in thin coats, which were left 1-2 days minimum to dry. After this, I sanded the body smooth with 1200 grit wet and dry.

When it came to the polishing stage, I was recommended automotive polish, so I went out and bought some turtle wax. I followed the guidelines on the bottle, and applied a series of coats. The result wasn't a high gloss shine as I expected, but more of a matte shine which was alright, but I kinda want to get a high-shining finish to my next project.

Does anyone know what I need to do to get that high shine im looking for? I wouldn't be surprised if i need to use a different sort of polish. I used a buffing cloth to polish, as opposed to a buffing machine, if that's a factor.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
Which Turtlewax did you use? I'm not sure if they're suitable or not.

Anyway, you need to polish it first, then buff it with a buffing compound to really bring the shine out. The wet sanding and polish will give you a super-smooth surface, but will be slightly cloudy/satin. Buffing is what makes it sparkle.

Edit: Try a buffing sponge attachment for an angle grinder or something (check the max rpm first) with a buffing compound - never go in dry.
Thanks for the advice. I did polish, but I wasn't aware i needed a buffing compound. Thanks Any suggestions for the sort of brands I should be looking for? both in polish and buffing compound?
I've got some Farecla G3 Advanced stuff (trade, not Halfords), but I've only tried it once and I don't know if it's the best. It might be worth holding out for advice from someone more experienced, because I'm still at the bottom of the finishing ladder.
Just to add to the catalogue of horrors, I think I used T-Cut on my first build (see sig) as I happened to have some, and although I was wanting a satin finish I had to do so much sanding to rectify my apalling first laquering job I thought, "Fir kit. May as well go gloss now."

Anyway. T-Cut certainly made it shiny. Whether it's "ideal" or not is another matter. I'm probably sharing a rung with -MintSauce- on that ladder.