hey guys im looking to change some pickups on a schecter hellraiser solo e/a from an emg 81 and 89 to a set of bareknuckle warpigs ceramic. i emailed bkp to ask and they said this "If you replace the actives with passive and swapped out the pots/fitted a ground etc you would still require some sort of buffer to match the piezo output."
can someone enlighten me on what they by buffer and piezo output

Quote by -MintSauce-
Does that guitar have even have a piezo?

i wish i knew haha im a total noob when it comes to this stuff
The piezo has its own preamp and controls and will still require a stereo jack. So those things, you don't touch.

What you need to change is the volume and tone pots for the magnetic pickups and run a ground to the bridge. You may need to change the pickup/piezo selector switch and some of the other grounding, depending on how it's wired now.

The easiest thing, if you're not sure whether something has to be change dor not, is to take everything out and reinstall from the ground up as a basic two magnetic pickup and piezo combination; the Fishman site tells you everything about getting the bridge to work and Bare Knuckle can help you wih the regular pickups (or go to the Seymour Duncan site, which has wiring guides for everything).
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