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Hi people,

I finally gathered all the money to get the amp. Though, i have 2 dream amps.

My big brother has this Marshall JVM410c, and I've been using it for some time, you know, when he's not home. Normally he won't even let me come close to it, let alone touch it.

I really love that amp, the tone is just made for me. Always wished to own one. And I've been playing in this studio for the past 2-3 months they got this Mesa Boogie Dual Rect. Roadster 2x12 combo thing. I'm truely in love with that one as well and I'm sorta like yo I sure am gonna get one of the two! Just can't decide which one as i'm gonna spend all of what I've got and be broke again

Which one would you advice me and why ? Both mean the same thing to me and they're both very expensive. Love them both and I won't get anything else but one of them, that is certain.

I'll surely appreciate some guidance, please tell me if you have any opinions at all.

Thank you
Go to the used market and see which one you can get at a nice price first? That'd be what I'd do.
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where are you in the world? mesa stuff is comparatively very, very expensive in europe, while marshall is similarly expensive in the USA. Unless either is the only amp you can find which will do the tone you want (which is unlikely if you can't decide between mesa and marshall, lol), there may well be better-value options which will do what you want...
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I would rather have the Roadster.

As much as I want to love the JVM because of it's feature set, it just doesn't sound good. At least, for what I need, anyway.

We can't really give you any advice since we know nothing about what you want to play or what you want to sound like.
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What kind of music are you going to play? What bands do you want to sound like?

You have my favorite Marshall and my favorite Mesa against each other. I'll just say, both of them are fantastic for modern rock and metal, while giving you nice cleans for clean passages. The Marshall will give you a spongier, more midrange sound while the Mesa will give you a tight, sharp attack with a rumbling low end.

Also, are you set on getting the combo version of each amp, and not a head and cab? I will say, I've played a JVM410H on a Mesa cabinet and the tone was balls to the wall.
I don't really like either. If I had to choose, it'd be the Roadster, cause I've yet to be even remotely impressed with a JVM.
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Yeah, I vote neither.

Besides, as mentioned, we don't have enough information to help you.

I'm surprised no one else posted it but this format here is so much easier to work with.

I've had a JVM for about 2 years now and I'm really not impressed by it. My old Orange TVerb dominated it. It depends on what sound you want but I'd reckon there are better Mesas than the Roadster