Alright guys I've never really delved too deep into electronics stuff, so here's my question: I'm turning my HSS strat into a single humbucker strat, and I'm more than likely going to put in an invader or Seymour Duncan sh-4. Im gonna get a 500k volume pot to handle one of these guys, but is that all I need? And what is a good 500k that will fit into a strat pickguard for sure?
Oh, and I will be using no tone knobs or switch. The only thing on this guitar will be a humbucker and a volume knob.
Are you gonna have it painted red, black and white too?

But honestly, you're best off getting a ruler to the current hole and measuring it's diameter, then finding a potentiometer of 500k value to fit in there. There's different sizes and my common sense tells me that not all pickguards come with the same diameter holes.
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