Well; that amplifier is sort of a re-fashioning of Ampeg's famous PortaFlex, which was (and still is) a go-to studio recording amp. Given the type of music that you play, I do not think that it will suit your needs. I think you want to look at amplifiers in the 500-watt and above range.

Given that you listed your price range in dollars, I am assuming that you are in the United States somewhere. With that in mind, we shall stick to amps that are readily available in the U.S.A. I am partial to Carvin's stuff, and given your price range, I would suggest their BX500 / 4x10" cabinet offering. For the price, you aren't likely to find anything more versatile:


It is also as loud as hell when you want it to be, and the BX500 amplifier has a D.I. output so you can run it directly into a board for recording or playing live.

Beyond that, what are the other members of your band using? How loud is your drummer? What size venues do you play (or do you plan to play in the near future)? And if you are tempted by an 8x10" 'fridge, how big is your car?

There are plenty of good choices in the music shops that are in your price range. SWR's WorkingPro combos (I prefer the 2x10") are freakishly loud and sound great. GK is a good choice, as long as you stay away from the Backline and the Gold Line series. Guitar Center has turned the revamped Acoustic brand into a house brand, and they make good-sounding and powerful amplifiers and cabinets that are reasonably priced.

Good luck with your amp search!
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