Nice stuff mate. The Bends in the Solo were a little off but It looked like you were enjoying yourself, (That's what counts with me!!)

Rock Hair, Rock Beard, Rock guitar, Rock "Foot on the Amp" and Rock Pushchair!!!

Death to all but Metal!
Is than an Ibanez SZ720QM? One of my favorite guitars of all time!

Your playing sounds great, minus some bends. Tone wise, your pushing to much gain. Angus uses less gain than you think, more volume and aggressive picking to get his tone. I tend to try and make up for it with more gain as well, so I guess that's my tip when it comes to your AC/DC tone.

Great cover!

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1604915 C4C?
Yeah i know about Angus' use of relatively less tone than we would think especially in the studio. I really wasinggoing for his tone cause, well, hhe's angus young and I'm not lol! The guitar is actually a Schectet C1+ one of my faves from my arsenal! Thanks for the watch and comment!