I'm building my pedalboard out of 1/2 inch plywood. It's a 30 X 16 inches board that i think will have enough space for my effects.

What would you recommend if i want to buy a powered pedalboard about the same size. I need to put on it a Boss ME-25 and about 10 other effect pedals.

Also, do i have to go with high end patch cables? Currently i have some Fender and some cables that i receive when buying effect pedals.

Finally, what would be the order that you prefer to have on your board. I have Chorus (1), Overdrive (two VS, one TS-9 and one Blues Driver) , Harmonist (1), Delay (1) and Compression pedal (1). There is also a tuner that will be on the board. A vox wha and a VS volume pedal are going to stay on the floor in front of the pedalboard.