Reviewing as I listen,

I liked the guitar part when the strumming kicked in. Its a very simple song but I feel as if the vocals had a lot less echo and the guitar was broguht up more itd sound better. This song really needs some kind of beat whether thats from a bass guitar or a drumset/kit. The vocals aren't too bad, though I think it sounds a little strange with the lyrics, Craving Monsters just sounds strange to me (as a lyric). The effect added towards the end is ok but ultimately it sounds empty without other parts. Srsly a bass behind this would help a lot. But overall, nice job.

C4C? Its a cover!
I checked out your soundcloud channel and thought Tongue Tied was pretty sick btw, rlly good job on that one!
Thanks for the crit man,

I can only do acoustic demos for the meantime since I've no proper equipment which is a bummer, I want to try what you said, to have good bass and drums to have better beat though I'll reserve that til I get more equipment. Thanks for the advice man.

As promised, I'll also check out your work.
I thought the mix had too much reverb. The vocals were good and catchy. The one part that bothered me was ' the first to..'; it sounded off. The lyrics I understood were original. I clapped and sang along with the hook '..craving monsters' . This would sound awesome as a rock song with a big production. I liked the dynamic shift ~1:58. The ending was perfect.
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Thanks for the crit!
I'v listened to this song a few times now and I didn't know what I thought of it the first time I heard it but it's growing on me. The 'craving monsters' part has me mouthing the lyrics to myself along with the track and I really like the part when you go into 'one down one left to go'. I think its a great shift from the chorus's before it and it creates a good build up to the outro.
I think this should be a band song though but that is my only critique!
Overall I enjoyed it!
You have a sort of unique vocal delivery style, can't quite tell if i dig it or not. The song is pretty catchy even as just a simple acoustic and vocal song, although with more instruments I think it'd really fill out the song and make it stand out even more. The bridge part at about the 2 minute mark was pretty nice change of pace, you managed to keep the song interesting and not get overly repetitive which is pretty good considering it was just a guitar and vocals. Despite what the others said, I think the reverb amount works here. The guitar effect near the end was a bit weird, but eh.

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Thanks guys! I appreciate your comments both the good and the bad since I have to admit that I'm still nowhere near the pros. To bigets, I really want this to be a band song to be honest. The only problem is that I don't have a band right now and I cannot play good drums so I'm stuck with being acoustic.

I'll crit back joshua. thanks for the crits!