Hi everyone, a friend of mine have bougth this amp for practice at home, but now that he want to start with some little gigs he have an issue.
The amp has a lot of presetted channels, and thats awesome, but when you have to switch channel the footswitch can only go on or back from one channel to the next or the previous, so for example he can't just switch from distortion to clean or vice-versa if the sounds are not adjacent.

Does someone know how to do that or (if possible) how to change the channel's order?
Man, I use the same amp and by clicking the utility button you can assign the footswitch to other functions than just jumping up and down the presets. You can use "quick acces" to any preset, just read the manual that comes with the amp, or google this info on fender site.
You can use the Fender Fuse software to create your own tones & you can put them wherever you want in the pre-set list
Click the save button once, it will flash. then scroll the preset knob and you will notice that there's a light that changes from red to green. select either the red or the green one and press save again to save it. do the same with the opposite colour then test it with the ftsw. i hope this helps, i found it difficult to understand the question though.
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