So I want to record some guitar stuff, and I'm wondering if it's possible to record sounds coming from a specific window (Guitar Rig, in this case)? I don't want to record all system sounds because that'd include the song I'm covering as well, which I don't want to do.

I tried using the .dll for Guitar Rig in Reaper, but for some reason the audio quality in Reaper was *terrible* compared to the standalone copy of Guitar Rig, so I thought I'd switch to Audacity, but for some reason you can only apply GR effects *after* you've recorded a track, which is time consuming.

Any suggestions? If I use Reaper again, is there a way I can improve the audio quality?
Are you sure you're not applying effects with the standalone version, and then applying them AGAIN in Reaper?

What interface do you use by the way? If it supports ASIO, select that in Preferences -> Audio -> Device.

You also probably want 'Record Monitoring' set to ON for your recording track.
I don't have Guitar Rig running, but I'm still getting terrible audio quality in Reaper, as well as extra background noise which I otherwise wouldn't get in GR.

ASIO is the interface that works best out of all of them, yes, however the problem persists even with that.
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