So I've been playing guitar for a while, and I've gotten to the point where I can play some of the songs of the bands I like but I can't imitate their tone. I currently have a Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 40W, Boss DS-1 pedal, and an Ibanez GRG120DX but I'm looking for a pedal I can use to get a sound similar to what bands such as August Burns Red, Of Mice and Men, Parkway drive have in some of their songs. To get and idea of what I want (Because I don't know how to describe it very well) you can listen to Meddler by August Burns Red or Wild Eyes by Parkway Drive. My budget is $100 any help/suggestions would be great. Thanks!

P. S. If you need any other information to help just say!
Your Vypyr should be able to get those tones without a pedal.
ParkWay drive uses/used 6505's there is a 6505 model on the vypyr
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Don't get more pedals for a modeling amp, just work on tweaking your amp.
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As said, they Vypyr has a 6505 model, and Parkway still use them live. Only thing they do on Wild Eyes is a bit of delay on the lead lines, and the Vypyr should be able to do that too.
Just use the Vypyr settings, and ditch the DS1.
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August Burns Red also uses a 6505+ and a ts9, and they definitely used it on Constellations.
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modeling amps really arent made to work well with pedals, especially distortion/overdrive pedals. you should be able to get fairly close with what is already on the amp itself. regardless, tone is as much in the fingers as in the gear, so your never going to get it 100%
Guitar -> amp.

Yeah... I guess that DS1 sounds pretty horrible through that amp. Modeling amps are meant to have all the sounds you need built into them so that you don't need any pedals. You have lots of amp models and effects, just try them and tweak some settings. But I'm sure you don't need any effects. Most heavy rhythm guitar sounds are achieved without any effects, just a guitar plugged straight into an amp and using the amp distortion (sometimes boosted with an OD).

So don't buy any pedals. Your amp has all the effects and sounds you need. You may want to consider buying the Sanpera footswitch, though.
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I'd buy a tubescreamer (any of them) with level full & gain nil to boost your guitar signal & tighten up the mids.
Then go Bass 7, Mids 3, Treble 6.

It should get you somewhere near the bassey sound of OMAM.
If you can't get the tones you want with a Vypyr, it just means it's time for a new amp. You're not gonna find a pedal that gives better tones than the models.
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