I am just beginning my adventure with recording and have been trying to figure out what equipment to pick up. I am looking for a good interface to use.

Genre: Folk, folk rock

Instruments: Vocals, acoustic guitars a bit of non-distorted electric guitar.

Microphone: AT2035 (I will be buying this when I get the interface)

budget: Would like to keep it around $150 (Canadian) but willing to go up to $200

New or Used: Well, I have really struggled to find anything used, so new.

Location: Around Toronto.

Things I am looking at: Right now the suggestions I have received and looked at are:

1.) focusrite scarlett 2i4 ( The store near me has this)

2.) Steinberg UR22 (suggested by the guy I talked to at L&M)

3.) Zoom H4n (I really like how it is portable, but will it provide me with a good tool to record an album? Also, I would not be getting the AT2035 with this.)

4.) Focusrite Sapphire 6. ( I cannot find these anywhere)

I am also open to other suggestions, I just want something To record a pretty mellow folk album with, just something to get me started as far as possessing recorded music to give to possible venues, etc.
Saffire 6 is outdated, you'll only find them used. They were replaced with the Scarlett 2i4. I think the 2i4 is exactly what you're looking for.
The focusrite 2i4 is a solid choice at that level. Its not really that much of a choice at that budget. Also it has the best preamps I've heard at its price range. Silent as hell. Its a good choice for your kind of music.
Silent is really a big part wi of what I am looking for. As for recording quality, will it give me a product that is at least not going to sound like total shit? I am not looking to sound like I recorded at Abby Road or anything, but I would like it to at least be something that would good enough to show venues, other musicians, prospective listeners, etc.
Yes it is silent and yes they will sound good if you use then properly.

Focusrite use the same pre-amps in their far more expensive products. We're talking something you'd find in a thousand dollar interface.
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The presonus audiobox isnt bad and is within your price range

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Any of those will do the job nicely. Focusrite have good preamps and solid drivers, they're always a safe pick.

EIE Pro would be my choice - an extra two inputs for a similar price is very useful indeed.