So the other day at work someone backed into my parked car. They were polite enough to let me know and give me insurance info, phone number, and whatnot. The accident put a small dent and scratches on my driver side door. Not a big deal to me, really, but quotes to fix it are between 800 and 1200 dollars plus 3-4 days in the shop. I've already filed a claim with the insurance company and they're waiting for their client to respond.

Now were looking at at least 800 dollars plus however much it would be for renting a car for 3-4 days. Call it an even 1000. I hope to pocket the cash and deal with the dent.

Now someone came along today wanting to buy my car. They offered me just as much as I paid for it and Im planning on selling it tomorrow.

Is this going to affect how or if the insurance company sends me compensation?

I know all of the pit isn't an all knowing insurance guru, but someone is bound to have some insight.
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It's a claim for the damage on a particular car, if you sell it that compensation that is supposed to cover your losses to due car damage/temporary replacement and repairs won't be going to anything. I would expect your claim would be cancelled then. If the thing was totalled, the situation might be different.

If someone is willing to take it at the cost you paid and aren't deducting for the damage, it's a no brainer about selling it, which is why you're doing so, right?

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How does the insurance company know that I didn't sell the car at a loss because I needed the money and couldn't wait for their company to go through their process?

Now that's not exactly honest on my part, but I don't think the insurance company can assume that just because I sold the car they can forgo my compensation.

If that's how it is, Id much rather wait for the insurance company to send me the check, then fix the car, and then sell the car for a bit more.
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I would just sell it and take that cash.

Since the insurance company definitely would find out, because they have to deal with the DMV, who also deal with you selling the car. And your plan is actually insurance fraud - which is some crap that people try all the time so they are on the lookout for it.
Guess I'm keeping the car until after the claim is processed, then.
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
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There is absolutely no reason why you can't pocket the money you're owed for damage to your car.You can sell your car to whoever you want whenever you want.I would wait until a claims adjuster looks at your car and authorizes the amount you will get.They won't need to see the car after that.There is nothing illegal or wrong with doing this.