Just wondering what a decent setup would be to have a decent vocal sound for home recordings that wouldn't be very expensive. Would be mainly for practicing/covers, etc. so I don't need anything too extensive.

So yeah, a decent mic which I already have an SM58 in mind unless something has come up better. It's been awhile since I looked around. Possibly an interface and software.

Thanks in advance
If it's just for practicing a 58 is fine, if you actually plan on recording anything and using it for more than just playing back to yourself you should look at a Large Diaphragm Condenser microphone. The AT2020 and AT2035 by Audio Technica are supposed to be good, the Behringer C1 isn't bad for the price either. You also need an interface to connect it to your computer. If you only ever plan on using it for microphones then try the Blue Icicle, it's fairly cheap and not bad quality.
As chatterbox says a LDC is what ya want.
Personally i think it should be capable of both omni and figure8 patterns. That way if its wired awesomly you can get any polar pattern. Polar patterns are the key to gettijg the right vocal sound i think.
roar is referring to a Large Diaphragm Condenser. If you do get a condenser, be aware that they need phantom power, so you either need to get an interface that provides it, or you could always get a USB vocal mic. The Blue Snowball comes to mind, and you can get it for around $100.

... Or apparently, for around $58 on amazon
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