Poll: Xbox One or PS4?
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Xbox One
0 0%
PlayStation 4
1 50%
I'm sticking with my Wii U
0 0%
I don't even know.....
1 50%
Voters: 2.
I'm just curious what you're getting and what your thoughts are on the new systems.

Personally, I'm going with PS4. The Xbox One.... I mean, they're really making you pay a fee to play used games? Mandatory Kinect use? It's ridiculous. Plus the thing looks a hell of a lot like a Philips CD-i. Remember how well that did? They both won't have backwards compatibility with older systems, but at least the PS4 will have downloads of PS1 games and quite possibly others. I don't know, I just have a bad feeling about the new Xbox. To be honest though, the Wii U still kicks ass compared to both of them.

How about you guys?
I don't really even want either.
Not yet anyways. Give it a good few years.
Probably should've included that option in your poll.
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