Rockit amplifiers were made in Auckland, NZ by a company called Clef Industries. I believe that the Superlead 130 was their most popular model, though they made one called the Pro Champ that might have been as popular. The amps were made between 1978-1982, I believe. I have seen the Superlead and the Pro Champ combos with 1x15" speaker. The Superlead 130 in the ad you linked looks like a later (1980s) version, as the older ones did not have the EQ sliders. They seem to have had a following in NZ back in the day. They were said to be solid amps, but nowhere near as complex (in parts, construction or tones) as a Mesa Boogie. I'm afraid I can't tell you what it is worth. You just don't hear about them outside of Australia or New Zealand very often.
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I haven't see many of them. Pretty sure they are based on the Mesa Mk1. So basically a Fender on steroids AND meth. They had a pretty good reputation. For $400, if it works, buy it. Why are you reading this? Get on your bike and get over there.
I think they came out with a JBL speaker. If you're lucky, it's still in it. Seriously, man. Get your arse over there pronto.
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