I'm trying to identify a certain guitar model/manufacturer yet I just can't find any references to it...
The body reminds me of a Les Paul and a Jaguar mixed up...it seems be a bit weird, I don't know but something is off about it's shape...
It seems to have two single-coils, and single volume and tone controls, not like the usual Les Paul
The headstock seems like a normal gibson stock, but it holds the letter T in a square as a brand signature, the photo i have is crappy in quality so i just made one in paint, the logo looks kinda like this:

I know it seems like a poor sketch, mostly because it is :P
But this is the logo, I was just wondering if anyone recognized it...
I'll upload a few pics but I doubt they'd help because they are really low quality, but maybe the general shape of the guitar will help, even if this is a chip copy, maybe anyone knows the original guitar model

Damn the quality is so awful I'm getting a headache...
anyway, if anyone knew any details, I'd appreciate it
wow that was fast :P
thanks dude, thats the one, or at least the original model, the one i saw didn't had the name written on the head stock, but thanks though