i'm looking for a book of/on etudes for beginners for classical. anybody?
Maybe Leo Brouwer "Etudes Simples" http://www.guitarnl.com/PIC/PIC/20115302233340.pdf?id=203 (Second etude was the first thing I learned on classical) or "Estudios Sencillos" or "Nuevos Estudios Sencillos"

The Carcassi Etudes above.

Giuliani Op. 48 24 études, Op. 100 24 études.

The Villa Lobos Etudes (These are not simple but if you start slow and don't worry about tempo they are still useful.)

If you are still looking I have all of these and plenty more suggestions.
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Carulli has a classic book of etudes. I own a copy published in French and Italian, rather than English, but as long as you can read music that shouldn't be a barrier if you don't read French or Italian.