[UK] For sale: Ibanez Rocket Roll II MIJ, CSL Les Paul (MIJ), Ibanez Valbee

Greetings. I have all of the above stuff listed for sale. Pictures can be found here:


Things to note:

With the Les Paul and the Flying V being from the 70s and 80s respectively, both are in used condition. What you see is what you get.

The Flying V has the rubber piece missing from the top volume control knob; doesn't affect functionality. The Les Paul has had its nut replaced at some point and the D string isn't quite evenly spaced. Doesn't affect playability and the nut slots have been filed down very low; action is great.

Any other questions please ask.

Rocket Roll II: £180 (Will be shipped with the neck taken off of the body)

CSL Les Paul: £85

Ibanez Valbee: £50