So I found a guy on CL willing to sell me his EC2005. I have some doubts though. Im not to familiar with this guitar or LTDs in general. Every picture I've seen of the EC-2005 it's been all black. His looks like this:


You'll notice the red details on the headstock and around the pickups. There also appears to be some white text on the pickups (though I can't really tell what it is from the picture). So basically is this guitar legit? He is willing to sell it to me for 200 which seems like a great deal if it's real.
He did something to the guitar. I've never seen a fake LTD so I doubt it's fake. The red is added. Maybe they are stickers?
Holy shit that's an amazing deal. That covers the cost of the pickups alone. Those are Seymour Duncan EMPTY Blackouts.

The red markings are aftermarket, of course.
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