Thanks guys!
ChrisHiggs: I had to kinda get into it at the beginning, but after half a minute I started to get in to it. Cool catchy-in a good way- song!
I love what your aiming for in this song. You sure as hell hit it too. This song is very reminiscent of bands like Greenleaf, the Atomic Bitchwax, Queens of the Stone Age, Truckfighters....any stoner rock band really. As you can probably tell I'm a huge fan of the genre and even tried to aim for it in my songs.

You're bassline is dreary and dark, a necessity for any stoner rock song. The drums and quiet guitar chords add to it nicely. I could imagine 2:27 sounding a little differently, like the tempo should be much louder and slightly more driving just to keep the piece from getting a little stale and repetitive. But I really like it, only a solo section around the ending could have easily been added. Once a riff is established its generally a good idea to switch it up somehow, and you do add some higher parts to the main riff on lead which contrasts nicely especially when the higher/more lead part comes in around the end. Overall, this is a sludgy track. Would be very nice to drive around to!

My work has a similar sludgy/stoner/ desert rock sound. You should give it a listen
Thanks man! I can really work with your crit thought about doing the solo in the end, but didn't get around to doing it yet.
Gotta check out Greenleaf and the Atomic Bitchwax sometime soon then I guess. Don't really know any of their music...
Greenleaf is pretty sweet, they do straight up stoner rock. Try Alishan Mountain and Stray Bullit Woman. Then Atomic Bitchwax is a love em or hate em kind of stoner rock. For them try out Come On and Get Your Gear. Enjoy!